Empowering Women

Kanchan is an intuitive, compassionate, thoughtful, and clearly experienced coach. Her dedication to her clients is seen in her presence during each session and follow-up and check-ins between session. Kanchan’s ability to read between the lines and create clarity where there is vagueness helped me move forward with my professional and personal goals. I would recommend Kanchan to anyone who wants to dig deep and become empowered to move forward in life.​"

Kelly Osbaldiston 



As a proud woman of Indian origin, who is empowered I have gone beyond what is expected of me as a daughter, sister, niece, mother and wife with strong cultural ties.  I grew up in Canada where my environment supported my parent's progressive thinking, to look beyond cultural expectations of girls.  I coach women to trust feminine leadership qualities such as intuition, empathy, and patience.  

At the age of 21, I entered into a beauty pageant without disclosing my entry to my parents.  I was selected as one of the final ten contestants.  With no option but to now tell my parents, they understandably had mixed emotions about my disclosure.  For them, one of the challenges was the bathing suit competition.  This was a place where historical and present day cultural norms crossed.  With my mother's strong support, I was encouraged to participate in the pageant which I did. Many girls and women have similar stories.  These stories and experiences shape our stories of self.  How do we honor what is true for us? This asks us to question the stories we have made.  

I coach women to live bigger than they ever expected.    I am passionate about supporting women and girls within various cultures.  My continued life commitment is to co-create a world with gender equality through empowering women.   

"Kanchan has helped me through some massive changes in my life for the past year. Her warmth, humour (which is important to me), and consummate professionalism provided incredible insight and foresight allowing me to focus on my immediate next steps. I value her approach."

Rebecca Gill
​2016 CLORE Social Fellow 
(Gender Fellowship)